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In one minute, disinfect devices, including laptop screens and keyboards!

These days, cleaning devices is as important as charging them. The UV Tech Tub is here to help with the necessary disinfecting of devices required to keep classrooms as germ-free as possible. The UV Tech Tub is designed with safety, disinfection effectiveness and ease of use as top priorities. Its fully enclosed disinfection chamber, safety switches and UL certification make it safe for elementary classrooms compared to other options on the market. In one minute, the UV Tech Tub disinfects bacteria and viruses commonly found in schools. The large chamber can also disinfect Chromebook keyboards (when open), VR headsets, headphones, robotics and other commonly used classroom items. It has a small footprint and the ability to clip on to existing Tech Tub2 carts and models, which means this new device cleaning system fits right in!

One minute to disinfect to a 99.9% kill* of common hospital and classroom viruses and bacteria
Fully enclosed disinfection chamber (no UVC exposure to user)
Disinfects tablets, Chromebooks and other devices
Chromebooks can be disinfected while open, cleaning the outside, germy keyboard and screen
Large chamber also fits VR headsets, headphones, robotics and other high-tech and low-tech classroom items
The UV bulbs turn on only when the door is closed securely and start button is pushed
UVC filtering window (to check bulbs are working)
Lights on the door also indicate UVC disinfection status
UVC bulbs have shatterproof sleeves to prevent glass and gases from escaping if a bulb is broken
Bulbs emit UVC radiation at a wavelength of 245nm which is proven to be effective at eliminating bacteria, viruses and fungi
Bulbs are arranged to provide complete 360 degrees of irradiance and the highly reflective polished aluminum chamber maximizes effectiveness of the UVC bulbs
Bulbs are easy to replace by educators (available from Copernicus) and are rated for 11,000 hours** 
12 Medical grade testing cards to check effective germicidal level of UVC (monthly checks are recommended and additional cards available from Copernicus)
UL testing in progress
Mounting hardware to secure tub to a surface
Small footprint and can clip onto existing Tech Tub2 Trolleys and Modular Carts
*Kill rate claims are based on preliminary data only, conducted by a third-party. Biological lab testing in progress. As with all UV disinfection technology, many, but not all viruses and germs are killed in the process.

**Phillips brand bulbs are easily replaced and available from Copernicus. Bulb hours may vary based on frequency of use.

Measures: 13” (33 cm) H x 11 ¾ (30 cm) W x 17” (43 cm) D
Inside chamber measurements: 8 ½” (21 cm) H x 9 ½” (24.5 cm) W x 12 ¾” (32 cm) D
UL testing in progress
One minute to disinfect to a 99.9% kill* of common hospital and classroom viruses and bacteria
Bulbs are rated for 11,000 hours**
Lifetime on Tub components, 1 year warranty on UV bulbs and electrical components.

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