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Drum up a rock-n-roll adventure anywhere and everywhere you go! Unroll the mat, grab the two sticks, switch it on, and immediately you're all set and ready for hours of real drumming action. A bass drum, snare drum, three toms, two crash cymbals, a ride cymbal, and a hi-hat (both opened and closed!) - It's everything you need for a totally true-to-life on-the-go drumming experience. You can even plug in the two pedals for the bass drum and hi-hat to make the experience even more real! Then - Ready to go beyond just "playing"? Press they Style button to choose between three different types of drum sets. Press the Demo button to hear three exciting drum beats, perfect for inspiring your creativity. You can record yourself with the Record button, play it back with the Play button, and even play along with an exciting variety of pre-recorded tunes to truly test out your chops. You can even plug in an MP3 player to play along with your own music! Complete with volume control, tempo control, and designed for amazing portability, the Rock N Roll It Drum Set is a truly brilliant on-the-go musical experience for beginners and pros alike.

Rock and Roll It - Drum
-Portable electronic drum set designed on a flexible pad for amazing portability
-Encourages coordination skills, musical skills, logic, creativity, self-expression
-A brilliant on-the-go drumming experience for beginners and pros alike!
-Roll-out pad features 10 sound spots - Bass drum, snare drum, 3 toms, 2 crashes, ride cymbal, hi-hat, hi-hat pedal
-Plug in pedals to play hi-hat and bass drum with your feet - Just like a real drum set
-Choose between 3 different styles, play demos to get inspired, record yourself and play it back, play along with pre-recorded music, plug in MP3 player to play along with your OWN music
-Press Start/Stop button to easily start and stop metronome
-Easily adjust tempo and volume - Flip switch to turn the whole thing off when you're done
-Includes drum pad, 2 pedals, drum sticks, cord for plugging into computer
-Requires 2 AAA batteries - Not included (Or just plug into your computer)
-Requires headphones, or plug-in for connecting to your external speakers - Not included
-Does NOT have a built-in speaker
-High quality design and materials for lasting durability

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