NEW Panelcraft Earth Tones 19pc set


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Inspired by nature, Panelcraft Earth's natural color pallet was extracted from photographs of the beautiful Great Lakes shoreline. The large size of Panelcraft Dream Builders allows construction of toy furniture, towers, and play houses! Use with existing toys to give them extended play value. What you can build is limited only by your imagination. They work well with other Panelcraft sets and are perfect for use at home, childcare centers, and school. Ideal for both individual and collaborative building activities. This 19-piece set includes pieces in brown (soil), tan (sand), green (vegetation), light blue (sky) and gray (stone). Each panel measures 9 x 9 inches.

  • Large scale magnetic construction toy fosters creativity
  • Develops both fine and gross motor skills, patterning, shape recognition, and building
  • Designed by an architect and a physics teacher to inspire spatial development and creativity
  • A fun, interactive introduction to STEAM learning

19 Pieces in Assorted Natural Colors
STEM Activity Guide

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