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Looking for a fun, easy and inspiring kids science kit? Children of all ages will find hours of fun and stimulation with the popular Steve Spangler Science Oobleck Slime. Think of the overjoyed and curious facial expressions your kids will make when they sink their hands in a substance that acts like a liquid and a solid—it feels like real quicksand! As one of the most in-demand, non-Newtonian (a substance that doesn’t follow Newton’s Laws of Motion) STEM activities, your kids will be inspired to create new and exciting experiments and start to think like scientists and engineers by developing and nurturing their collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creative proficiencies.

Always safe, non-toxic and designed with an antibacterial formula, this 16 oz Steve Spangler Oobleck slime kit is available in six colors – and just needs water to come alive. Plus, it can be dried out and reused time and time again to keep the imagination and learning going!

-Acts like a liquid and a solid! Feels like real quicksand.
-Dry out and reuse – designed with antibacterial formula.
-Oobleck Powder – 16 oz (454 g) with instruction guide
-Glows under included black light.

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