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Numero® is an invaluable resource for maths educators. Numero® has been designed for use by students of all ages and is ideal for developing numeracy concepts and problem-solving skills. Playing Numero® is a great way to improve maths, while having fun at the same time. Learn to play so you can help your children with their maths, or contact us about our staff, student or parent workshops!

Numero® can quickly become an integral part of any class mathematics program, from junior primary grades through to secondary mathematics classes. In its early levels, Numero® develops:

-basic number recognition from zero to 15
-basic number facts of all four operations
-speed of recall.

As the game develops and players move to more difficult levels with the introduction of Wild Cards, additional concepts and skills are developed and reinforced including:


At its higher levels, with the introduction of more wild cards and scoring, Numero® continues to challenge minds and develop concepts such as:

-squared and cubed roots
-multiple equations
-point scoring.

At all levels of Numero® there is a high level of problem solving and understanding of strategy which develops from basic stages with young students to complex moves that will challenge the brightest mathematical mind.

Numero® continues to challenge. Because the game develops with a player’s mathematical understanding, it always provides a new and unique challenge to the players, and, like all ‘great’ games, just keeps on keeping on.

A Numero® class kit is an excellent mental maths class resource, ideal for differentiating work for all ability levels in your classroom. A class set contains 15 packs of cards.

All cards come pre-printed with white spots to enable numbering of packs, which makes sorting or returning cards to correct packs a very simple task.

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