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HowdaHUGS — Seats that embrace and “feels like a hug.”

Clinically trialed and endorsed by professionals and parents alike.

-Lightweight and portable, HUGS are great for home, school, or wherever kids need a supportive embrace!

-Design comes from research and clinical trials to attain the finest possible seating during circle time, on the floor or in a chair.

-Produced with interior cushion in the hinge where seat meets floor for smooth rocking.

-Designed for “fidgety kids” who present a need for deep sensory input to find focus, calm and containment.

Parents, teachers and therapists use and recommend HowdaHUG chairs for children with diagnosed and undiagnosed issues including:

-Asperger’s Syndrome
-Autism Spectrum disorders
-Sensory processing disorders
-Down syndrome
-Reactive Attachment Disorder
-Low tone and Specific learning disabilities
-Cerebral Palsy and more

A sensory tool
In school, the HowdaHUG is often used as a tool to help a child.

It may be used to:

-Increase tolerance in the classroom environment
-Postural support
-Increase focus on work
-Core strengthening that the seat can provide for the proprioceptive and vestibular input

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