Bouncyband® Inflatable Comfy Chair


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Comfy Chair’s soothing deep pressure offers a fun & comforting caressing hug, enabling a calming sense of security. Just a few minutes in it relaxes, quiets, and calms down most kids. Perfect for those who are fidgety and can’t sit still to read, study, or just relax.• INCREASE FOCUS: The soft embrace of the peapod relieves anxiety and stress, giving a sense of security, resulting in greater concentration and more attentive behavior when reading, working, and socializing •PUMP INCLUDED: The soft, and easy to use the Comfy Chair is fast, easy, and fun to inflate. •DURABLE: Perfect for School or Home and is made with the finest flocked super-strong vinyl with heavy-duty triple-welded seams. Soft like velvet and strong and sturdy for endless kid’s play. Repair kit included •PROVIDES SENSORY COMFORT: Supports all children including kids with ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorder •For ages 4-10 •26x28x22” and holds up to 200lbs

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