Butterfly Life Cycle Raising Kit


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Watch them grow, then let them go!

Witness the miracle of metamorphosis with our popular Butterfly Raising Kit!


Butterfly Raising Kit comes with 

8-10 larvae
Artificial Diet
in an 8 oz. group raising container,
and a feeding vial, paint brush, complete instructions, tips for teachers and butterfly facts.
Habitat sold separately.

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Available late spring only. 

NOTE-  BUTTERFLY LARVAE SHIPPING CHARGE IS $10 with $2 ea for additional kits or habitats.   Other unrelated products ordered at the same time will incur their own shipping charge if shipped separately.


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  1. Butterfly kits

    We are a daycare center and we order every year!! The children love the learning experience and the staff love how simple the process is. The kits have always been successful raising at least 3-4 beautiful butterflies. When the time comes we have a center wide release celebration!!

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