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WELCOME! Bjorem Speech Sound Cues - R is easily incorporated into /r/ therapy to provide auditory cueing or associations for:

Childhood apraxia 
Speech Sound disorders
R work for kids of all ages
Differentiating vowel variations
The deck includes 20 cue cards:


Er - Motorcycle Sound
Ire - Firetruck Sound
Ar - Pirate Sound
Or - Rowboat Sound
Rl - Throw-up Sound
Ear - Ear Sound
Air -  Blowing Sound


Prevocalic /r/ - Barking Sound


PR - purring sound
GR - tiger sound
TR - helicopter sound
DR - mower sound
FR - furry sound
KR - crow sound
BR - cold sound


Long e - “eat” - Eating Sound
Long i - “kite” - Eye Sound
Short o - “pop” - AHHH Sound
Long a - “ate” - Tropical bird Sound
Long o - “toe” - Lady O Sound
Box: 2.95" x 2.95" x 1.69"

Card: 2.56" x 2.56"

Cues are a thick soft matte texture, they are not shiny or laminated so children with vision impairments do not get the glare.

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