100% Recycled Plastic Large Open Tub


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This durable tub is made with 100% recycled post-consumer plastic.

The most environmentally-friendly storage tub!

It's made of tough stuff and can withstand the roughest, toughest play that children can dish out. In fact, it can hold up 10lbs!

This 100% recycled plastic tub is made with a combination of post-consumer plastics, like yogurt containers, shampoo bottles and other plastic packaging. Instead of them going into the landfill, they are being used to make this durable tub!

Each tub includes an imprint so teachers and students know it's different than others in the classroom. Hopefully it sparks some questions and conversations about the importance of recycling!

Wondering why the 100% recycled plastic tub is black? The variety of plastics used to make this tub are  all different colors and when all these plastics are processed together, they create dark grey color and its hue depends on what kinds of plastics are available. To ensure the tubs have a consistent color, regardless of what plastics are used, black pigment is added.

Ideal for library and classroom book storage
Location on front of tub to easily place a label

Made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Shipped with zero plastic packaging material.

Tubs Measure  6"(15cm) H x 12 1/2" (32cm) W x 15 3/4"(40cm) D (outer measurements)
Inside measurements 6"(15cm) H x 10" (25cm) W x 12 1/2" (32cm) D
10lbs weight limit


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