Classroom Activities

Free Classroom Activities

Welcome to our Classroom Activities section! Here you will find free, ready-to-go activities you can use in your classroom. These teaching ideas incorporate holiday activities, end-of-year exercises, and back-to-school ideas, among others. Feel free to print them out or bookmark one on your favorite social bookmarking site!

The ABCs of Frienship - Grades K-3
Set the stage for classroom friendship with this colourful quilt.

Will the Real Punctuation Mark Please Stand up - Grades 1-3
Your students will have fun learning all about punctuation marks with this great, hands-on activity.

Take a Peek at Your Class - Grades 1-4
Start the school year off great with this colourful, fun bulletin board of your new students' faces.

Accordian Caterpillars - Grades K-2
Spruce up your creepy crawly or butterfly life cycle unit with these adorable caterpillars that teach beginning consonnants, spelling and all about fruits and vegetables.

Rainbow of my Own - Grades 1-3
A Rainbow of my Own - Students will increase their self-awareness as they welcome warmer weather with these colorful rainbows.

Thank you Placemats - Grades 1-3
Say thank you to Mom with these beautiful placemats handmade with love.

Beary Nice Chart - Grade K
An ongoing activity that will involve your students for the duration of your theme study on bears.

Letter Charades - Grades K-1
Children develop word association skills that are essential for reading while participating in a fun engaging activity.

Creating Captions - Grades 1-2
Students learn to write two-part sentences to describe pictures.

Find The Sound - Grades 1-2
Students learn to isolate beginning, middle, and ending sounds in words.

Five Monsters - Grades 1-2
Your students will love making, reading and then taking home these beginning reading books.

Mix and Match - Grades 1-2
Students rearrange vowel squares to spell words.

Reading Chain - Grades 1-2
Students practice reading aloud at a comfortable pace without long breaks between words and sentences.

Silly Greetings - Grades 1-2
Children develop an "ear" for language as they hear, identify, and match similar word patterns.

Flip Flaps - Grades K-3
Use a flip-flap pattern to make little books focusing on any concept.

Celebration Keepsake - Grades 2-4
As students make a keepsake of a special event, they learn how to plan and organize, follow directions, make written and oral explanations.